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We will go home (fan site for Gawain and Tristan from King Arthur)
Morwen's Story
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The one thing at school that I would pass in English was creative writhing, so I have kind of cheeped it up and will do some every now and then. This story I came up with, came from a dream that I had so I thought I would put it on the site, and please no one take it, it took me so long and do and I would not be very happy if someone took off with it.

‘Get up, witch, get up’,

‘What is wrong, we told you to get up’,

‘Can you not hear us’,

‘Get up pagan witch’,

‘If you do not do as we tell you, you will end up like most of your people, dead’!

This was something that I was used to the Romans never knew when to leave us Pagan’s alone, they were always bossing us around, we were not allowed a life with them watching all day and night. My name is Morwen, I lived with my family in a small Roman out post in Britain, when I was young I used to dream that one day a brave knight would come and take me away from this place. As the years passed no knight came for me but I never gave up hope, this is the story of how I got my knight and so much more.

‘Come on get up or we will go get the commander’.

Every time I tried to get up they would kick me back down to the ground not even giving me a chance to do any thing.

‘I tell you, you are going to get it if you don’t get up’

It was then that I herd the sound of horses coming near, this was it more Romans coming I would never live to see the light of day again. I herd the horses come closer and closer and then they stopped.

‘Where is your commander, I wish to speak with him’,

‘We will go get him once we are done here’,

‘What is going on, what are you doing to that poor girl’?

‘Keep out of this, this is to do with us and this pagan, it has nothing to do with you Arthur’!

Suddenly I felt a knife at my throat and it was get pushed harder and harder each second.

‘Do that and it will be the last thing you do’,

‘You can not stop me, I will do as I wish’.

I felt the edge of the knife begin to go in my skin, I began to cry loudly, I was hoping that whoever was tell the guard to leave me alone would do something, blood was begging to run down my neck.

‘Tristan, NOW’!

I felt some thing just touch the top of my head and the guard let go of me, I then herd a thud from behind me and I fell to the ground.

‘Gawain go get her’,

‘You can’t do this, my commander will have your head for this’,

‘Well you better go get him then’.

I felt someone put their hands on me, I yelled and tried to move but then the person said ‘I am Gawain, do not fear me I will not harm you’, I looked up to see a young man with long blonde hair. ‘Ok just hold on tight, I have you, no one is going to harm you know’, I then felt myself been lifted into the air, I did as I was told and held on tight around his neck.

‘Is she ok’,

‘I think so Tristan, but she is frightened out of her life, bloody Romans’

That was the last thing I herd as I fell unconscious as I was put up onto a horse.

When I woke up I found myself in a very strange room that I had never seen before, I sat up and it was only then that I realized that there was someone else in the room with me. ‘How are you’, asked the person who was in the room with me, I noticed the voice right way and turned to find Gawain siting in a chair that was next to the bed. ‘I am better now thank you’ I told him as he passed me a goblet with water in it ‘drink and have some thing to eat, you need it’ he said to me as he also passed me a plate full of food. I had not eaten on over a week so it was nice to eat something, I was still so tied and could belay stay awake but I had some many questions for Gawain, but it was to late I fell asleep again.

The next day I woke up and turned over ready to see Gawain siting there, but to my shock it was not Gawain, it was someone else that I had never seen before, he had short black hair and was playing with a hawk. ‘Who are you’ I asked with shock, he looked up at me with a smile ‘you are awake, good Gawain will be happy’ he said ‘my name is Tristan, I am a friend of Gawain’s, I also work with him’. He seamed ok, he just sat there playing with his hawk, ‘is that hawk your pet’ I asked him as he feed it some raw meet, ‘yes and no, she is more of a friend then a pet, she can go free whenever she wants but she likes to stay with me’. ‘I had an owl like that once but the Romans killed it, they said we were sending messages to other pagans with it’, it was only after I told him this that I remembered what had happened. There was a knock on the door and Tristan told the person on the other side to come in, it was Gawain with a large smile on his face, ‘good you are awake in time’ he said ‘in time for what’ I asked him.

They led me into a large room with a large round table in the center of it, around the table were five other men who looked they had been through a lot in their lives, just like Tristan and Gawain. I sat down next to Gawain he offered me a goblet with some wine in it, ‘welcome to our small group, we are holding a celebration for the last man we lost, he died about a week before we found you’. The man that told me this sat by himself at the far end of the table, he was youngish and seamed to be the leader of the group. ‘My name is Arthur and these are my knights’ he said ‘you have already met Tristan and Gawain so let me introduce you to the others’ he then told them that they could give me their names themselves. There was a young man siting next to Arthur ‘my name is Lancelot and it is nice to meet you – what is your name’? he asked ‘oh my name is Morwen’ I told him ‘well it is very nice to meet you Morwen’. Lancelot short black hair and looked to be the sort of man that most girls would love to be with, he smiled at me and winked ‘I saw that’ said Gawain ‘you only just meet the girl, leave her alone’, everyone at the table began to laugh. Next spoke the young man who sat next to Gawain ‘my name is Galahad, welcome to our outpost’ he said to me, Galahad too was another one of those men that woman would love to be with them. He had short dark brown hair and looked like he could have been the youngest one at the table, he whispered something to Gawain who then said loudly ‘not you too, can’t you all leave the poor girl alone’. Next was an oldish man named Bors, he looked like one of those people that you would not like to get into a bad mood or he would rip you head off, he then told me that he would leave me alone because unlike Lancelot and Galahad he had a lover and children. Next to him sat a man named Dagonet who was very much like Bors but a bit younger, he too said he would leave me alone but only because they were remembering one of there fellow knights and that he was just not that sort of person. We sat there and eat and drank most of the day away, I told them of the life I had had at the outpost I had live in all my life, ‘them Romans need a smack in the head’ said Bors as he bit into a huge peace of meat.

That night the knights took me out to meet the other people that lived in the outpost, Bors introduced me to his lover and his children, his lover thought I was very nice and told he that if he thought he was going to try and do any thing to me she would kill him. Gawain, Tristan and Galahad got me to sit at a table with them, they were playing a game with some of their daggers, the one that got his closest to the top of a piece of wood would win. Tristan was always getting his daggers right no the tips of Gawain’s and Galahad’s just to annoy them, I just sat there and laughed at them, at the end of the first game Gawain had won Ten to five. They began to play again when Galahad began to talk Romans and how they treat pagans, it turned out that they were also pagans but Arthur was the only one who believed in the Roman god. ‘You know them Romans should leave us alone and let us believe in what we wish’, he said almost hitting someone with one of him daggers, ‘the only way they will ever do that is if they get off our island’ said Gawain. ‘I don’t see that happening any time soon’ said Tristan who trough a dagger and got it into the end of Galahad’s, ‘maybe one day we should all go give them Romans the same treatment that they have been give us for years, a good hard beating’ I said. They all liked the sound of this ‘just imagine all the kills I would get from a fight like that pagans against Romans’ said Tristan with a big smile on his face, ‘just because you kill for pleasure, I only kill if I have to’ said Galahad. ‘Well me I would kill any Roman who came near me as I have seen them do to so many of my friends’ I said ‘who cares what the Romans think, they should all die for what they have done to us’. What I did not notice was that there had been a Roman office in the pub listening to everything we had been saying and what I had just said made him very mad with us and he was now coming over to where we sat.

‘Have you got something to say to me pagan if not keep you tongue in your head about us Romans’ he said looking like he was ready to hit one of us, it would have most likely have been me to get the hit. I was scarred that he was going to hit me, so I was hiding behind Gawain holding on to him tightly, ‘she can say whatever she likes, you can’t stop her’ said Gawain in my defiance. ‘All of you should watch what you say, you never know what will happen to you other wise, you’ll never know what hit you’ said the officer ‘and what do you mean by that’ asked Gawain who was not to happy about the officer doing this. ‘Well then why don’t I show you’ he said then pulled out his sword and held the tip of it to Gawain’s throat, Galahad and Tristan jumped up and got ready to fight, poor Gawain was just siting there not moving just in case the Roman did stick the sword into his throat. I could not just sit there and let this Roman treat one of my new friends like this but I did not know what I could do when I looked down and noticed that Gawain had a dagger by his side and that was when it came to me. I grabbed the dagger at his side and threw it at the officer, it hit him right between the eyes and he hit the ground dead, Gawain, Tristan and Galahad stood there looking at me with wide eyes and so was everyone else in the pub. I got up and ran for my life I knew that I would be in so much trouble for killing that officer but to me it was the best thing I have ever done in my life, I ran all the away back to my room and sat and cried.

Not long after I had got into my room Gawain, Tristan and Galahad had come looking for me, the first place they thought of was the room so they had run as fast as they could to come and find me. ‘Are you ok’ asked Galahad ‘what do you think, I just killed that Roman and now I am going to get kicked out of this outpost and have nowhere to go’, I said to him crying so hard that it was hard to talk. ‘If you ask me you did a good thing back there, Romans who do that kind of thing need to die’ said Tristan who was smiling at me, ‘you did good’ he said. Gawain came and sat next to me ‘you are not going to get kicked out, when Arthur here’s what relay happened he will let you stay I know he will’ he said to me taking me into a hug, Tristan came and sat on the other side and was patting me on the back. ‘Galahad, go get Arthur it might be best if he here’s this now’ said Tristan and with that Galahad left the room giving me a look of sorrow, not long after he left he was back with Arthur and the other knights. ‘Its ok, Morwen I am not going to make you leave this outpost, people in the pub told me what that officer did, it was a good job you did it, I will not have people like that in my outpost’. Arthur said to me then Tristan turned me around and looked at me a smile and said ‘where on earth did you learn to throw like that, you are as good as me and there are none that learnt the I did that I know of’. I then told him that living in an outpost like the one I did we woman had to learn how to defend ourselves against anyone even our own people, and that I knew how to use almost all types to weapons. ‘We need you with us in battle, you would win us a few’ said Galahad, Lancelot was surprised to learn that a woman like me could fight so well ‘well when you are felling better we will have to see how well you can fight’ he said. Not long after that all of the knights left apart from Gawain as I asked him to stay with me as I was still felling quite sad and he seamed to cheering me out by just being there.

‘You know in all the battles I have been in it is the woman who are harder to take down, they are very fast and don’t take their time to do anything’ said Gawain smiling at me. We spoke about battles we had been in and he was surprised how many I had been in, ‘you don’t look like you could do any harm to anyone but tonight I learnt different’ he said laughing ‘just remind me never to get you angry with me’. I then looked up at him ‘thank you for sticking up for me at the pub, no one has ever done that before’ I said to him ‘hey if you ever need help let me know and I will be there for you’ he said to me. I got up and hugged into him, he did the same to me, hugged for what seamed like ages when I moved to look at him, we looked at each other and then we began to move slowly towards each. It was then that we kissed for the first time it went on for what seamed hours we then stopped and looked at each other again, smiled and then began to kiss again.

The next morning I woke up next to Gawain, I knew what we had done the night before but it felt good, I felt like I never had before, I move up and kissed Gawain, which woke him up. We laded there for most of the day kissing each other and holding each other, I touched his naked back, there were so many scares but I did not care, I had got my knight and it felt very good. There was a knock on the door and Gawain grabbed a cover and put it around himself and went to answer the door, Tristan was on the other side and said to him that all the knight’s would like to see how well I could fight. We got up and followed Tristan out to a large grassy field where all the other knight’s were waiting for us, they all laughed when Gawain and I came along ‘good on one Gawain, you got a fine woman there’ said Galahad. ‘We are here to see my lover fight not to talk about last night, which is between me and her’ Gawain said to them not looking too happy that they found it funny that Gawain and I were now together. ‘All right you can go against me, of you find me to hard you can kill Lancelot’ said Tristan smiling ‘you will die before you can touch me Tristan’ said Lancelot not looking to happy, but all the others found it very funny. Gawain gave me his sword and whispered to me ‘just think that the sword you hold in your hands is mine, just like you my love’, that made me fell very good no one have ever called me that. ‘Ok if you win you get to stay with Gawain but if I win you get to come home with me’ said Tristan trying not to laugh, ‘well then I know I am going to win because I would never go home with you even if you were the last man on this earth’ I said. Everyone laughed at Tristan who was going red in the face, I walked past him and whispered to him ‘only joking, if I was not with Gawain I might be with you’, and Tristan looked at me, smiled and said ‘I knew it, you could not fool me’. With that Arthur called out ‘ready’ I stood with Gawain’s sword in my hands, it was almost as big as me but I could still weld it, then Arthur called ‘fight’! Tristan came at me but I dodged out of his way and hit him in the back with the handle of the sword, he span around and came at me again, this time I put the sward up and we began a sword fight. We fought very hard when Tristan knocked the sword out of my hands and it fell point down into the ground he came towards me and I put my hands onto the handle of Gawain’s sword. I then flipped into the air still holding the sword and landed behind Tristan, who was looking around trying to work out what had happened, I then put the sword around his neck and whispered into his ear ‘to bad I win’. I took the sword away from Tristan’s neck and he stood up he patted me on the back ‘that was good I have never had anyone do that before, that’s why it took me by surprise, it was very good, you might have to show me how to do that’. We went over to the others and Gawain gave in a huge hug and kiss and said ‘ that was very good, I thought that he had you but that flip…’ he was lost for words, ‘very good Morwen, we should have you with us’ said Lancelot who had come over to pat me on the back. Latter that night we sat down at the table to eat, it had been a good day, Arthur asked me if I would like to go along with them for awhile and of course I said yes, my life had never been better, I had a lover and now a job it was very good indeed.

Two years passed since Arthur and his knights had saved me, Gawain and I had wed five months after me meet and we had one child, I still helped the knights and not one of them had been killed since I meet them. One day Tristan came knocking on our bedroom door telling us that Arthur needed to talk to all of us, we got up and went to the meeting room, everyone sat at the table looking at Arthur, no one knew what he going to say. ‘Knights and Morwen I have just been told that we will be going to the outpost that used to Morwen’s home, we have to get a Roman senator and bring him back here before he goes back to Roam. ‘What you want Morwen to come with us to that outpost where she was almost killed’ said Gawain taking hold of me, ‘Morwen knows that outpost better then any of us, I know it is not the best place for he to be but we need her’. Not long after that Gawain and I went back to our room ‘I am sorry that you have to go back there’ he said almost crying, I went over to him and hugged him, ‘it is not you fault, I love you, this have nothing to do with you it is just the way things happen’. I kissed him and held him tight ‘I will be coming home with you and if any Romans get in my way I will kill them’; I was kind if like Tristan when it came to killing some people, I did it for pleasure. Not long after that we were getting ready all the knights were telling me that everything would be ok, that they would take care of me, Gawain was at my side all the time holding and kissing me telling me that I would be ok. We were then on our way to the place that I never thought I would have to see again for the rest of my life, the good thing was that this time I had friends and a lover with me and they would never let any thing happen to me.

It took us two days to get to the outpost, it did not look any different from when I had last seen it almost three years ago, the only thing that seamed to have changed was that there were a lot more Romans guarding it. ‘It will be ok Morwen’ Lancelot told me as we moved towards the gates, we stooped at the gates and all of my old friends came out to see what was going on. ‘Look its Morwen’ said one of the elders from my old tribe, I smiled at them, ‘Arthur can I please go see them all it has been so long’ I asked, ‘go but Gawain and Tristan must go with you in case trouble comes up’. I got off my horse and began to walk over to my old tribe; Gawain and Tristan came up on either side of me, Gawain taking my hand and Tristan putting his arm around my shoulders. ‘Where have you been’ I herd someone call to me, I looked up to see one of my sisters standing there not looking to happy, ‘I have been living at another outpost with my husband and child, I have a family of my own now’. ‘So that is why you never came back for the rest of YOUR family, you know what happened to them’, she said to me looking like she was about cry, ‘what has happened, please tell me’ I said not knowing what was going on. ‘They were all killed by the dam Romans after you left, they left me alive so that they could all have a good time, I was then left chained up for two weeks so that they could come and beat as they liked and where were you all this time, off with some guy having fun’. I felt so bad, all but one of my family had been killed and it was my fault, ‘you are not welcome her Morwen, leave now and never come back here’ said the tribe elder, he threw a dagger at me and Tristan caught it. ‘Why did you do that’ Gawain asked looking shocked ‘she should did for what she has done to us’ my sister yelled at him, ‘come on Morwen lets go’ said Tristan who threw the dagger back at the tribe elder, but got him with out even trying. ‘Look what she has done not, she has got one of her fellow men to kill our elder’ cried my sister ‘she has to die’, with that before we knew what was going on we had all of my old tribe coming after us.

It was the hardest battle I had ever had to fight, I was killing my own people, I did not want to but there was nothing I could do, it was kill or be killed and I knew what I wanted. Gawain and I fought side by side; Tristan was taking people out so fast it was hard to tell how many he had killed, the other knights were helping now every now and then I would here one of them yell at me and I move out of the way so they could kill someone who was trying to kill me. The battle went on for a long time, I was not sure when we would stop benign attacked by the tribe when Bors came running past Gawain and me and put a dagger in the throat of one of my old friends after that the rest the tribe ran away. We all stood there talking to each other about what had happened, we had all managed to only get small cuts so they would not take long to heal, Gawain had gone to get my horse and Tristan was going to help him and I felt something hit me in the back. I then saw an arrow moving through the air and going towards Tristan ‘Tristan look out’ I said trying to move but found that every time I tried I could not, Tristan span around and moved out of the way of the arrow. He grabbed his bow and shot an arrow back at the person who had shot at him and got them right between the eyes, he then began to turn and look at me saying ‘thank you Morwen that could have…’ He stopped saying what he had been saying and yelled ‘Gawain quick, Morwen’! I did not know what he was yelling at, Gawain span around and looked at me with wide eyes, ‘NOOOOOOOOO’, he yelled as he came running over to me. Tristan was at his side, ‘who did this’ Gawain yelled over to the tribe and I herd my sisters voice ‘she was a traitor, that is what we do to them, kill them’ she screamed back at him. It was only when Gawain began to hold me that I realised what had happened as I felt a sharp pain go through my whole body, I looked down to find a very large spear coming through my gut, it had gone right through my back and out the other side. ‘Tristan please help me’ Gawain cried he then looked at me and said ‘hold on, you are going to fell a lot of pain in a minute’, he had tears in his eyes, ‘ready’ I herd Tristan say ‘ready’ said Gawain ‘go’ they said at the same time. I felt the worst pain I had ever felt in my whole life and began to fell to the ground, Gawain caught me and held me tight, I felt Tristan put his hand onto my head, it was then for the first time I ever herd him cry. ‘Morwen stay with me, please I need you, stay with me, I love you’ I herd Gawain say crying so hard now ‘come on Morwen you are a fighter, you can fight better then me come on stay with us’ I herd Tristan say cry just as much as Gawain now. I herd the other knights saying thing as well.

‘Come on stay with us’,

‘You are one of the best fighters I have ever known we can’t lose you’,

‘Come on when we get home I will take you for a drink’,

‘Yes we will all go and get the Roman officers on a bad mood and give them all a good knock about’.

But I knew that it was to late, I looked up at Gawain who could not stop crying ‘I am sorry’ I said to him ‘what about you have nothing to be sorry about, it is your sister who will be sorry’ he said. I touched him on the face and hugged him and said ‘I love you Gawain’ he looked at me still crying and said ‘I love you to Morwen’ we kissed but before we could finish I felt myself drift away.

Gawain sat on the ground holding me crying, he passed to Tristan who in turn was holding me and crying, Gawain went over to what was left of the tribe, took out this sword and went up to my sister. ‘And you say that you were her sister, you belong with the rest of these dead people, rooting away forever’, with a swift movement he had cut her head off, he then took it over to the wall of the outpost, put it on the spear that she had got me and set it on fire. He came back over to Tristan, took me and put me onto his horse, all the way back our outpost he and Tristan said nothing to any of the other knights, it was so much of a shock for them. When they got back Gawain asked Tristan to go get our son and Gawain took me over to the hill which was our small graveyard, when Tristan got back they all gave me a small service. For the rest of the night Gawain and Tristan sat beside the grave talking about the times they had had with me, ‘what will you tell your son when he is older’ asked Tristan ‘nothing but the truth, that is the best thing for it’ said Gawain. ‘I will tell him what kind of woman his mother was and how much I loved her, what great times we all had together and what the battles were like that we fought in together and last of all how she died’, Gawain said crying again. He and Tristan stayed out there all night and after that Gawain would always come see me every day unless he was on a mission, Tristan would come and see me as much as he could as well, his hawk would come and guard my grave.

I ask you again not to take my story, please, it took me so long to do and I like it very much.

Gawain: 'How do you do that'?
Tristan: 'I am aim for the middle'.