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We will go home (fan site for Gawain and Tristan from King Arthur)
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Welcome to we will go home a Gawain and Tristan fan site.

This site is about my two fav Knights in the movie King Arthur. It is hard to find anything about these two Knights, you will always find some thing on Arthur, Lancelot and even some time Galahad but I myself have only found one site about Gawain and one for Tristan so I thought I would do something for both of them. I called this site we will go home after the song that is sang in the movie, I love that song and I thought it would be a great name for the site.

On this site I will have pics of both Gawain and Tristan and some of them with the other Knights. I also will be putting some sounds that I downloaded on to my computer; I will put some links up to the two sites that I found so that you can all enjoy them. I will also put a bit of fan fiction I did myself so I hope you all enjoy that, I will have some info about the actors who played Gawain and Tristan and I will also have some info about the Knights themselves, The ones from the movie and the ones from legend. So take a good look around and enjoy.

Gawain: 'How do you do that'?
Tristan: 'I am aim for the middle'.